Sunday, March 14, 2010

Garden Time! Seedling Soldiers.

It's that time of year....
The time when things start to thaw and stuff starts to grow.
Spring... Feel the excitement!
After all, we here in Virginia set our clocks ahead an hour.
So we can get a move on! Have more daylight to work outside.
Do some farming stuff.
This is also the time where I try to grow some vegetables.
Since the recession has made Victory Gardens popular, I am not alone.
It only takes a small investment for the materials and then a large investment of your time and you can be eating healthy organic vegetables for cheap.
The taste of your hard earned organic sweat equity is delicious. (yuk)
Last year I grew too many tomatoes and peppers.
They thrived and most everything else died. I hope this year will be better.
Things never go as well as expected, the first time around.
So this time should be better.
I start mine in a $6.00 Jiffy green house peat planter thing.
It comes with 72 peat pellets, that turn into peat planters.
It has a base and a clear plastic lid, for the green house effect. I know I could save money by buying each thing and making my own. I like it for the time it saves.
I planted everything in it at my computer desk.
Looks like this-
Very Nice...

For materials-
Here's what you need.
  1. Seeds- whatever you like to eat.
  2. Craft sticks- or Popsicle sticks. I got mine from the Dollar store. 
  3. Water, I used filtered with a drop of organic liquid fertilizer. It's made from Beets.
  4. A ball point pen or Sharpie marker.
All I had to do was add water to the green house.
Wait a day for the water to expand the peat pots. (actually overnight)
I figured what seeds I wanted to plant. 
I labelled the craft sticks.
I stuck the craft sticks in the peat pot, and then matched the seeds to labeled stick.
I used a left over stick to push the seeds in the peat and put the lid on. (2-3 seeds per peat cup)
I'll find a sunny spot by the window, and water the whole thing every 4 days.
Easy... the overall cost was 10 bucks.
The greenhouse is $6.00 from Walmarts. 
The seeds were 10 packs for a buck, mix or match.
Craft sticks were also a buck.
Here's a couple of Pictures of my soon to be Seedling soldiers..
Special Guest hand-Omi from

Jiffy Greenhouse, makes it easy to organize, plants

Labels help.

Seedling Soldiers.
In a couple of weeks, the Seedlings will be ready to be planted.
One tip- if you plant inside.
Once the seedlings start to grow, you need to have moving air passing over them.
Not so much for ventilation- the air ( I use the ceiling fan ) helps to strengthen the plant stalk and base.
Helps to make a healthier plant.