Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Motorola Cliq XT, almost a review.

t would:-) be accuracy better. Right no w I hate it.

See that stuff up there  ^^.
That was a post to my blog, made with the Motorola Cliq XT.
Which looks like this. (Link to  Motorola's Website for my details and Specs.)
Google's giving me a server error.. no picture yet. Updated- here's a picture-

It has MotoBlur. Motoblur syncs all your social networking stuff and puts on your home screen.
After you set it up and log in to your accounts they will be shown on your homescreen(s) 5 in total.
When you post, it'll post to all your social stuff. Facebook, Myspace, Flickr, Picasa, what ever....
Pretty neat concept.
Makes for a convoluted home screen or Desktop if you will.
You can vary the amount of shit you show. If you have NSFW feeds or things like that, be careful.
It'll be on the home screen. Like I said you can control the feeds and the amount of things you want to show.
I thought I would enjoy all those data streams neatly jumbled together in nice (smallish) touch screen, with an ever changing amount of stuff updating all the time. The phones LED notification is on all the time. Blinking.....
I think, I'm leaning towards a minimalist approach. I like a cleaner home screen.
Anyway, back to my point. (I am going somewhere with this)
The Motorola's are coming with a SWYPE text feature. You take a finger and swipe over the letters and the phone figures out what word you're trying input. This is a very nifty idea.
If you're not left handed, or have man fingers, don't really know where all the letters are, or trying to spell supernaturalism or something stupid like that- you'll like it.
It's a painfully aggravating process. I can see that after some practice, you'll be able to text faster than my G1's physical keyboard. As for now, I hate it.
I tried to post to my blog from  the phone.
The results at the top of this post is what you see. It's Crap.... 3/4 of my post is gone and it took about 10 mins to SWYPE it to the Internets.
Since everything is Motoblurred- it'll post that 3/4 missing crap post to everything. It did too....
Motoblurred definition.  (verb) - All my data is being constantly pumped to my phone and I lost track of what's coming from where! It's useless shitformation, trying to fry my imagination.
It's a Blur, a Motoblur! -snort-
I'll try to review this phone and be more objective about it later.
It's my daughter's anyway and I'm being grumpy and old right now.
If you're a teenager, you will sh*t your pants over this phone.
Runs Android, all the Social crap is there and it's pretty....
It's actually a decent phone so far, if you don't have any Android experience...