Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Motorola Cliq XT, almost an Update..

So I said I would come back and post an update for the Motorola Cliq XT.
Well, I decided I'm not going to. I had to send the phone back to TMobile for a replacement.
Evidently, the phone I had was defective.
So the anger and over all dislike I had growing for the phone- may not have been the phones fault.
I was able to get another phone sent out and the TMobile rep was able to make it better with a 50 dollar credit towards my account.
(Good customer service goes a long way. TMobile has always been decent to me.)
So, I'll continue my business with them.
After I received the phone and turned it over to my 14 year old, I got an update from her on the overall phone quality.
She said she enjoys the phone, call quality is good, the features are good.
She also said the SWYPE way of texting is weird. Pretty much what I thought and my overall feelings.
Overall a good phone, and she loves it.
You can't go wrong with the Android OS and the phone has enough horsepower for most everything you'd want or need to do.
Is it worth the $99.00 price?
Was it worth one of the buy one get one choices (bogo) that Tmobile was offering?
If you have an original G1, should /would you  update to the Motorola Cliq XT?
Absolutely Not..
 I'm running my G1, it's rooted and running a different ROM or version of the Android OS.
The Nexxus1, if I remember correctly, so there really is no reason to upgrade.
The Cliq does have more horsepower with a faster processor and more RAM.
But not enough to move away from the G1.
The Motorola Cliq XT is very sexiful with chrome trim ring and smaller form factor and it has a nice build quality.
The G1 is a little dated looking and kinda clunky. Even still- I'm ok with that.
 It has a physical keyboard. I still like that.
It's not about the looks, it's the capabilities. The G1 is Android- as is the Cliq XT.
The MotoBlur is nifty but not nifty enough..
I am pondering the HTC HD2. Those damn things are sold out...
Here's a random picture-