Friday, August 13, 2010

Thriftstore Find- $.99 cent Dresser

Got to put Omi's truck to the test. Thanks Omi..
I needed a dresser. We moved and my clothes are piled up on my Mom's old recliner.
Which is very comfortable by the way. Good naps.
Found this at the Thrift store. Dirt Cheap. 99 Cents!
Not even a buck!  For 99 cents- this dresser isn't bad.
The color was terrible, many coats of bad paint.
I decided not to sand it.
The paint color was Bad,Very Bad!!
So with some green paint, and some new hardware, I will make it look better.
Very Nice.
2 hours later.....
So after adding some Thrift Store Hardware for $2.99 bought at the same place and a quick coat of paint, here's what the Dresser looks like.
So far I've spent $10.00 on the dresser.
Green Spray paint. $4.00
Dresser- $.99
Gas- about $2.00...
It's ugly.. But it'll do pig, it'll do.
Here's a crappy picture. (I'll clean up my mess later.)
.99 cent dresser (redux)
Look at those Drawers!