Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Thriftstore Find- $5.00 Columbia Windbreakers.

I enjoy windbreakers and other stuff..
I enjoy Columbia Windbreakers and Jackets.
The prices can be high, but the quality is there.
You'll have a decent jacket for years.
Our weather in Tidewater Virginia is pretty mild in the winter months.
The most time I spend outside is going from the car to the building for work.
The process repeats at the end of the day.
That doesn't facilitate me needing a big Ole cold weather jacket.
A good windbreaker with a hood is all I need.
When I picked up the $.99 cent dresser, I also picked up both Columbia windbreakers.
These two jackets together, cost me $5.00
I've picked up Columbia sportswear shirts at the Thrift store before.
I generally keep an eye out for them.
Once, I bought a shirt with fish on it for $2.00.
It still had the label and price tag on it.
$59.00 for a shirt!
The fish were cool and all, not that cool though..
I paid $2.00 heck ya!
2 for 5 Columbia Jackets

I'll find more with other colors.
You can find expensive outdoors sportwear
crap for cheap. If you look for it.
The summer is a good time to find these
It's 90 degrees outside, who's looking at jackets anyway?
I am, and I like these.