Tuesday, September 28, 2010

CheapGeek laundry tip

Here's a CheapGeek laundry tip.
I wear black t-shirts. As the color black shows everything,fuzz and laundry debris can make your snazzy t-shirts look worn or dirty. So here's the tip.

  1.   Wash black t-shirts inside out. 
  2.   Dry t-shirts inside out. 
  3.   Hang black t-shirts inside out. 

Keeps the crap off them so they stay black.
I don't separate my laundry loads.
I wash colors and whites together in cold.
It's Free-Range laundry if you will.
Saves energy and detergent useage.
You can also use DryerBalls to help soften and fluff your clothes in the dryer.
DollarTree is your friend for these.
Inside out. Easy....
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