Monday, September 27, 2010

Dear BlackBerry, I see your new what.

Have you seen the new Blackberry phones?
Have you seen all the new groundbreaking things they can do?
Blackberry phones can do all sorts of stuff..
Heres a list of some of the "groundbreaking" features.

  1. Homescreens.
  2. It has a camera.
  3. Internet browser- you can browse the internet.
  4. Pictures- you can store, organize, and play with your pictures.
  5. You can load these things called "apps" to add more functionality.
  6. You can connect almost instantly to other Blackberry users through text.
  7. You can store and play your music.
  8. You can browse files on your blackberry, just like on your computer.
  9. You can update all your social networks at once.
  10. You can see all your friends updates in one place.
  11. You can put websites on your Homescreen.
  12. You can watch Videos on the go.
  13. You can search anything.
  14. You can personalize your Blackberry with a theme..
    Image Stolen from Internets..

    The list goes on, and on...
    So, I see the ad and all the new stuff Blackberry is doing, "to make the smartphone, smarter."
    Is that what your doing BlackBerry?!
    Doing the same stuff everyone else has been doing for years?
    Have you ever heard of the Iphone, or my personal favorite Android?
    These have only been around for about 2, maybe 2 1/2 years?
    These secret phones and their corresponding secret operating systems have been pretty much secretly taking over the planet. 
    How is it that Blackberry comes along now- and says" Look at our groundbreaking shit!"
    Look at it! 
    Look what we can do! 
    Look directly at me. 
    Pay no attention to the rest of the world..
    Seriously..come on BlackBerry.. 
    Even my parents have smart phones that run Android and have for some time.
    Maybe I'm missing something..
    Is Blackberry is targeting people who have no idea that phones can do much more than enterprise Email 
    and other "business professional" stuff?
    This reminds me of when Al Gore created the Internet. 
    I would like to give some new BlackBerry owners some advice.
    If you have a new Blackberry6 enabled phone, DO NOT tell anyone about your "new"
    phones ability. Or show anyone what your phone can do.
    There's a high probability that- they already know, already have and already have doing what you can just now do. You might look sad, outdated and out of touch.
    BUT, here's a thought- if I had to carry a phone for business or work and our corporate phones were BlackBerry, I would like to carry one of these.
    Otherwise, meh..
    Here's a link- Blackberry