Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Hurricane Tips (if you leave) CheapGeek

Cheesy tips.. some may be useful.

So with hurricane Earl possibly coming our way, I thought I would list some of the things that I usually do.
These things are very basic and of course the internet has over a million different lists and is of course, a good resource to plan your own.
Here's mine in no particular order.

If you plan on leaving
1. Full tank of gas in your getaway vehicle. If you flee, a full tank makes it easier.
2. Important papers, mine are stored on a jump drive and several CD's. Scanned and stored.
(Contact numbers printed a paper copy helps when your phone dies.)
3. Overnight bag, with a change of clothes, a jacket and travel toiletries.
4. Several one gallon zip loc bags. Store stuff.
5. Dog food, if times get tight, it's delicious!
(Not really, I have a dog. He likes to eat.
6. Ziploc bag, with medicines and bandaids, aspirin stuff like that. Headache, upset stomach, nausea, diarrhea(shits)- medicines for that. Hand sanitizer and baby wipes. Paper towels.
7. Destination- pre planned and designated.
8. Contact family members, inform them of your plans.
9. Chargers for the cellphone and other electronic goodies.
10. Snacks (that don't spoil) and bottled water.
11. Blanket X2
12. Cash.
13. Something to put it all in. Storage tote, back pack whatever.
14. Chairs, just in case.
15. Flashlight with batteries.
16. Girlfriend, my Girls, and Bender. (dog)
17. Small toolkit and knife.
That's really about it..lame. Better than nothing though.
Staying's a different story.., I'll post those later..