Thursday, September 02, 2010

Hurricane Tips (if you STAY) CheapGeek-New

So if you decide to stay and ride out a hurricane, there's a couple of things to do and consider.
First if there is an evacuation order, you might want to leave. 
Seriously, you may not be able to receive assistance or emergency help. 
They might be busy with hurricane stuff.
Here's a list of stuff in no particular order.
  1. No power in September. Heat may be quite severe this time of year. Especially after the storm.
  2. Possibly-No way out if you decide to leave. Once it's too late, it's too late.
  3. No help.
  4. Batteries for flashlights, radio, lanterns, whatever.. get some.
  5. Can opener, hand operated.
  6. Water to drink. Gallon(s) per person.
  7. Water for flushing. You can flush your toilet be adding water to the rear tank. Toilets work on gravity. (a clean trashcan holds a lot of water, add a 1/4 cup of bleach and the water will keep longer and inhibit bacteria growth) Not for drinking...
  8. Fill the tub with water, use it for flush water or even drinking. Bleach added to the water can make it safe to drink. (dire situation only) How much bleach depends on the amount of water your tub can hold. Bleach bottle may have the mixture amounts. When bleach is diluted properly, it's safe to drink.
  9. Freeze Gallon jugs of water for your refrigerator. Store one in the freezer, one on the refrigerators top shelf and one on the bottom shelf. 3 big blocks of ice will help keep your food fresh longer. I didn't lose any food during hurricane Isabel because of this. 3 Days no power.
  10. Cheesy dollar store Tap or push lights, one or two lights per room help make things more bearable at night. Candles are good, but can be dangerous.
  11. Battery powered portable radio, information and music are good things.
  12. Old school rotary phone from the thrift store. The phone works because of the voltage coming through the phone line. If the power is gone your cordless won't work after the battery dies. Old school phone, works, if your phone line works.
  13. Can Opener, yep listed it twice.
  14. Can food, like canned bacon. It exists look it up. I have some, Thanks Troy..
  15. Portable stove or grill. I have a gas stove and water heater. Which worked last time, during Isabel 
  16. Baby wipes and paper towels. Bath time! Or Bucket Bath Time!
  17. I have solar lights that are great in the yard, and better in the house with no power, in the dark.
  18. Ammo, if you're armed. Never know. 
  19. Medicines packed and ready, if you flee. Plastic bags keeps them dry.
  20. Secure everything outside, or it will blow away. Patio and lawn stuff, hanging plants, it needs to come in or be secured.
  21. Full tank of gas, just in case. You leave- you got gas. No power for the gas station, no gas..
  22. Paper or plastic plates, cups, bowls and utensils trash them. Save water.
  23. Important papers in digital form and ready to travel. Or in paper form in plastic zip loc bags, ready to travel.
  24. Toliet paper for pooping.
  25. Change of clothes and overnight toiletries stored in a plastic bag. Dry clothes are good, when you need them.
  26. Stay away from windows during the storm. The deeper you can hide in your house, the better. 
This list can go on and on. I'm not that worried about Hurricane Earl.