Monday, September 06, 2010

Some things are better off, undone....

I enjoy pork rinds, pig skins or chiccarones.
Deep fried, zero carb pork fat.
Crispy, delicious and thirst inducing, it's a delicious snack.
I've often thought, if pork skins are delicious, why not do chicken skins?
That's the best part of KFC chicken. I enjoy the fried skin more than the actual chicken.
Well, I yesterday I found the greatest thing EVER!

I could not believe it.
Seriously, I was excited.
Found at a gas station as all great
snacks are found. I snatched them up.
Along with a giant soda, I was ready.
I decided to wait for a more appropriate time
to sample the hidden treasure snack.

When I was ready I showed my girlfriend.
She expressed some interest, albeit not as much as I
thought she should. But that's ok, this was more my thing. My dog Bender was really excited.
The plastic bag has just enough crinkly noise to let him know it's something good.
I opened the bag. I had high hopes.
The dog was beside himself.
Dogs have really great sense of smell.
 He smelled the aroma of the Chicken skins before I did.
It had an unusual smell, anyway- I gave one to Omi, and I took one.
The dog would have to wait.
I popped one in my mouth. Knowing I would experience a great moment.
I did!
If you could deep fry a used gym tube sock in sawdust and fry it in ass, made from ass grease,
from a old rotten ass, that's what it tasted like. I was soo disappointed.
My girlfriend looked like I handed her a used gym tube sock, fried in ass, made from ass grease, from an old rotten ass.
I threw one to Bender. He thoroughly enjoyed it.
The look on his face was one of " Oh my God, this is better than anything I have ever had."
He was experiencing- what I should have been experiencing.
We gave him the rest.
He begged for more for about ten minutes after they were all gone.
Oh well, Ben liked them.
What does he know anyway? He's a dog.
 Dogs eat poop and Evidently, so did I...