Monday, September 20, 2010

Thriftstore Find- $.50 Survival Aid

I forgot I found this at the thrift store.
A couple of weeks ago Hurricane Earl was possibly going to cause us in Virginia some problems.
I went to the Thrift store looking for hurricane preparedness stuff.
Mainly a larger cooler, an extra flashlight, stuff like that.
Anything you buy for Hurricane Preparedness can also double
as Camping stuff.
But, Earl didn't do anything to us.
Here's what I got.

This thing is pretty old.
I liked the way it looked and it does multiple tasks.
Compass, lanyard, signal mirror, waterproof storage, a flint for striking, and a whistle.
Thats not bad. I like the idea of multiple use items and this is pretty nifty. It's not a bad idea. Having something survival related.
Survivor Man would be proud. 
I like that show, even though Les Stroud is no longer doing Survivor man, I still catch the reruns. He is doing another show its called Les Stroud beyond Survival 
I haven't seen any of those yet. 
There's lots of survival related junk on the internet, seems there's even more due to the recession. 
(Which supposedly ended on June 09th.)

Look up Altoids survival kit on the Google, if you have 3 days to kill. 
You'll see what I mean..