Friday, October 08, 2010

CheapGeek Tip of the Day- Lunch Bag2

CheapGeek Tip of the Day- Lunch Bag 2
I carry an extra insulated lunch bag in my car.
All my electronic gadetry will go in that lunchbag when I stop somewhere.
If I stop at a store-
I'll stuff the GPS, camera, whatever I have of value in the bag and set it behind my seat. I don't want to carry all that stuff in with me, when all I want is a gut-buster hot dog and a giant slurpee. (7-11)
The insulated bag's thermal properties will help keep my electronics cool and protect from the sun,  heat and humidity.
Also helps with "Out of Sight out of mind," for would be thieves.
Thieves want your good stuff, not your lunch.
They see a crappy lunch bag, not a cool Magellan GPS and a nice Canon Powershot camera. I always have a camera in my car."You never know when the Statue of Liberty is going to do a backflip"- Mr. Eric Brooks.
You never know what you're going to see..
I alo have a cheap backpack in the trunk.
Just in case I ever breakdown, I can take most of my important junk with me..
Cheesy Lunch Bag = secret vault.
Here's an unrelated picture of Bryan Cranston.