Wednesday, October 06, 2010

CheapGeek Tip of the Day
Lunch Bags1
If you carry an insulated lunch bag to work.
(Extra tip- the best time to buy these is, after the school year starts- they'll be marked down about at least 50%)

Here's an easy way to keep the contents (i.e. your lunch) a little cooler.
Now it should be said, I know there are freezer inserts to place in the bag to keep it cool.
This is in addition to those, or even if you don't use them.
I don't generally use them,
I'm a big dude and my  lunch bag is alittle small.
Food space is at a premium.
Anyway, here's the tip.
Take 3 or 4 smaller plastic bags, ball them up, and individually stuff them on top of your delicious lunch bag contents.
The bags create an insulation type barrier.
Almost like a street person / homeless person/ bum / hobo stuffing balled up newspaper in their clothes to keep warm in the winter time.
Same principal, bags give more insulation to keep the cold inside.
Plus you can use one of the bags for trash.