Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Easy Way To Help Protect Your Valuables...

Easy way to help protect your valuables...
Insulated lunch bag = easy protection.
Sometimes the easiesy way to protect your valuables in your car, can be be the most effective.
I used to  travel for work quite a bit and I would store most of the valuables
 I didn't want to take into the job with me.
They were kept in an insulated lunch bag.
The bag was stowed on the floorboard of my car in the back or in the trunk.
The insulated lunch bag protects the contents by keeping them cool and dry
and it also doen't draw much attention.
Who want's to take your lunch?
I would hope a thief wouldnt be that interested in what I brought for lunch.
I did this for a couple of years and had no incidents. It might be a useful tip for you.
Here's some other tips to keep your valuable safe in your car.
1. Removed the GPS and the MOUNT.
   The mount still advertises and the GPS might still be in the car.
2. Purses, wallets, keys, laptops, money, Nothing should be left in view.
3. Roll your windows up.
4. Lock the Door. Yep.
5. Lock your glovebox or center console.
6. Chargers or electronics should be taken with you or locked away.
   They should be locked away before you arrive.
   People watching you getting out of your car to store your valuables in your trunk, is advertising.
7. Car stereos and media players-
   Turn down your expensive car stereo with the amazing speakers when you    pull into a parking lot.
   Don't advertise. Same thing with your super cool in car LCD screens.
8. If you don't want it gone, don't bring it. OR leave it out in plain view.