Sunday, July 08, 2012

Camera Table Dolly

Camera Table Dolly.
So, I decided to build a Camera Table Dolly.
A Frugal inspired camera dolly.
I used inline skate wheels, pvc and some metal decking
plate and some spray paint.
The dolly came out pretty good.
It doesn't look sturdy.
Trust me, it's very sturdy.
It's structual integrity has beeen tested.
The Frugal Film Maker made one and I decided to use his as an
There are a multitude of different designs and configurations
for camera dolly's and this dolly can be made for cheap.

Video filmed with my Canon Vixia HFM-301.

Check out these channels (if you haven't already)
Great Content, Great Ideas, Great Resource(s)

I think I might need to make one like this.

Favorite Picture of the day..

600mm on table dolly
Canon EF 600mm f4 L is/USM II / Canon EOS 5d Mk III / Cheesy Table Dolly