Saturday, July 14, 2012

How to make a budget studio or video light, for Cheap!

How to make a budget studio / video light.
I find that sometimes I need more light when making these fine quality YouTube videos.
Taking all the lamps in the house to light an area for a video and then returning them back to their original locations is slightly aggravating.
So, I decided to try to make a studio or video light that will give me more useable light
and make things easier.
I'm not spending money on a professional studio lighting kit.
I'd rather use what I have available or find a cheap solution.
I picked up a wall lighting fixture for $6.98 from a thrift store.
I figured I can wire it to use a household plug and maybe use the light as an addition to the video lighting set I'm trying to make.
I wired the light and by adding some compact flourescent light bulbs to the fixture, I've made a light that will be a good addition to the kit.
The light is bright and doesn't get too hot, plus it's energy effiecient.
I like the daylight balanced CFL's and with some additional lighting, I'll be good to go.
This project is easy, and so far inexpensive.
This video is long and I wanted to make sure that anyone attempting a project similar to this, would be able to follow along.
This video was almost done in real time.
It's pretty basic and quick.
It should probably take around 30 minutes to complete.
If you have doubts, ask a professional for assistance.
I'm thinking two things, I like the lght so far and that I'll be making much shorter videos in the future.
Any questions, let me know.

Here's a commercial option.