Monday, July 16, 2012

How To Make A Cheap Light Stand with a Cheap Reflector.

How to make a Cheap Light Stand with Reflector for video.
As I make my Cheap Studio lighting kit, I also decided to make my light stands as cheap as possible.
Before I broke out the PVC, I found a better solution.
At least for this light set up.
Using this old tripod I found for $.99 made things very easy.
The tripod was slightly broken. The tripod head doesn't lock.
Everything else works fine.
The tripod is ok for I'm doing.
I'll mount my light to the tripod, and use the tripod as my light stand.
The lights I'm using are CFL's and with the light pattern being
different than incandescent light bulbs, I really need to use a reflector or maybe even a softbox.
So I found something to act as a cheap light reflector.
An aluminum turkey baster pan for $.99 is the cheapset reflector I could find.
This light stand with reflector was really quick and easy.
Dirt Cheap!
All I really want it to do in increase the amount of light, in the area
where I make quality, cheesy YouTube videos.
As goofy as it is, I think that it'll do fine.
I may need to make a softbox.. we'll see.

Check out Knoptop-
He's got a really quick light set up..

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On board Camera Led Light.