Sunday, August 05, 2012

Dollar Store Microphone Stand.

Dollar Store Microphone Stand.
I was in my garagelaboratorymancave making a video on a DIY soundbooth.
I've seen those things going for 150-300 bucks.
That's preposterous, I can make one for much cheaper.
So, I realized I needed a microphone stand for the sound booth.
I was started making the microphone stand out of PVC.
All the pieces were cut, and everything was ready to assemble.
It occurred to me that I already had a dirt cheap microphone stand!
Picked it up from the dollar store awhile ago.
Actually I have a couple of these.
They work great for the cost.
I just didn't use them as a microphone stand.
I'll still be making the sound booth video and a PVC
microphone stand video.
I just thought I'd post this video.
Sometimes, it's easy to use what you already have.
No need to over complicate things.