Sunday, August 12, 2012

Laptop Cooling Stand..DIY for Cheap! It's simple..

Laptop Cooling Stand.
Sometimes my laptop gets warm.
Most laptops don't have any space on the bottom to help promote air flow.
They typically sit flat and build up heat underneath them and suck in dust.
Because heat kills most electronics and I like my laptop, it's my electronic friend.
I needed to add some open space underneath to allow some cool refreshing air to circulate under my laptop.
So I decided to make a cooling stand.
I happened to have an old wire shelf and with a little hack saw, easy laptop cooling stand!
Plus the shelf has a nice angle to it.
It makes the laptop easier to use for longer periods.
My laptop doesn't get warm and it's now more comfortable.
This project can be free if you have a shelf, or if you find one being thrown away.
They're more commonly available once you start looking them.
Using a wire rack for a Laptop Cooling stand..
Easy and cheesy it works and it didn't cost me anything.
Sometimes simple is just that, simple.
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