Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Aluminum Camera Case

This is a really quick easy and relatively cheap
camera case.
It's made out of aluminum and the case has most everything you need
to convert from tool case to camera case.
The case isn't indestructible or of the best quality.
They usually run from $9.00 to $15.00 and they can be found at most of the home improvement stores.
You can find them on clearance and that's always a plus.
I figured that I would do a camera case that I would use when we travel.
I like the idea of using the case as a means of transport.
When I get wherever, I'll use my camera bag. I haven't found one camera bag
to do everything. So I'll carry the case in car and load up what I need.
Really quick and easy camera case.
I don't know how long this case will last or how durable it is.
Time will tell.
I like it so far.

Here's some pictures of what the case looks like so far:

The foam on the top is to cushion
the camera's and microphone.

The other side of the the foam, has
dividers with pockets.
That's where I'll store batteries and
other stuff.

Here's a sideways shot.
Just because I guess.
Different angle.

I do like the case.
Very quick very easy.

Here's one that's already made.