Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Camera Bag Insert Made From Refurbished Canon Camera Box

Camera Bag Insert
I found a small messenger bag at the thrift store.
It was a $1.48. I liked the way it looked.
It's nylon with canvas edging and has plenty of pockets.
The interior is just about large to use it as a camera bag.
I wondered if I could convert the bag to a camera bag.
Yes you can!
You can buy a camera bag insert for $12-60 dollars.
The insert is designed to safely hold the camera and equipment inside the bag.
Which is a pretty nifty idea. Find a cool bag for cheap, add the insert and BooYah!
Sweet custom camera bag!
I really didn't want to spend money on the insert.
So, I made a camera bag insert.
Since I recently bought a refurbished a Canon Vixia HFM 40,
I decided to use the Canon refurbished box that the camera comes in.
Mainly, because I thought it was funny. Plus, the box is made from good carboard.
Secondly, I wanted all my monies worth out of my new refurbished video camera purchase.
The Canon box and some thick foam to line the inside of the insert for protection.
Some clear packing tape and some softer foam that came with some video cards.
Is all I used as far as materials go.
I used the clear packing tape to wrap the the outside for structual integrity and so
you can see it's a refurbished Canon camera box.
I really like it so far.
It's a smaller camera bag that I can use for those excursions
where I don't need to carry every piece of camera gear that I own.
It has enough room for a couple of smaller video cameras, a microphone, batteries,
a camera bracket, memory cards and a smaller video light.
Grab what I need and go for a couple of hours.
There's all sorts of DIY camera bag videos out there on YouTube.
You can buy one of course.