Friday, September 21, 2012

Headlights Polished using FastBrite Lens Restore- Review.

Headlights polished with FastBrite Lens Restore- Review

I changed my headlights with some new snazzy replacement bulbs.
The new headlights were in and now it's time to tackle the yellow,
dull, cloudy, hazy headlight lenses. These things get cloudy overtime.
The headlight covers on most cars are made from acrylic.
Acyrlic is  cheaper than glass so when the auto manufacturers started
using these things, they added one more thing we have to worry about.
But cloudy lenses are easy to fix.
I've done mine in the past and I decided to give this product a try.
It was $6.99 and I picked it up from an auto parts store.
This stuff has a 2 part process.
1. Apply the lens solution, let dry, wipe off.
2. Apply the clear protectorant, let dry, wipe off.
Supposed to take 30 seconds.
That's actually true. If you want to hurry.
I took my time and literally 5 minutes later, both lights were done.
The results were as advertised.
If your lights are really bad, you want to do it twice.
I did a coworkers car with similar results, only took 5 minutes and
the results were good.
I think it's worth the $6.99
It's actually the cheapest headlight restore stuff I've seen so far.

Just in case you can't find it at an auto parts store.