Monday, September 24, 2012

5 String Utility Lights = Extra Video Lighting

5 String Utility Lights = Extra Video Lighting
These lights are made by Utilitech.
I've used their products before and been satisfied with the results.
My Dad gave me these construction lights for my garage.
Extra Lighting =Better Video Lighting! Thanks, Dad!
Since I use my GarageLaboratoryManCaveStudio as a place to make some quality YouTube videos, having additional lighting is awesome!
Lighting is always important for video or photography.
More the better, for the most part.
Being able to add these lights up in the overhead and around the garage, gave me
a much brighter place to make videos.
These constructions lights vary in price, and I have no idea what these actually cost.
I'm sure they can really vary..
I do know this.
They have 5 bulbs (which I replaced with CFL's) have 10 feet of cord between each light, cover about 50 feet, and can being joined to additional strings.
So, I now have the equivalent of 300 watts of light, for 65 watts.
The CFL's are 13 watts each.
That saves me some monies!
I like that..

Here's a bunch of lights on Amazon that are similar,
if you're interested:
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