Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Vintage Ronson Lighter Fixed! Bonus: I Set Myself on Fire! Just a little....

This vintage Ronson lighter was a gift from my lady.
I like vintage stuff and she likes vintage stuff as well.
Ha, I'm vintage!
Anyway, the lighter is in great shape and I thought I might be able to repair it.
Or maybe at least get it working again.
There was no flint and the the cotton was dry.
This thing hadn't been used many years.
Ronson made at least 80 different types of this lighter from the 1920-30's
up until the 60's when they changed the design.
So, I'm not sure what model it is.
It's more than likely a Standard from the 40's.
I think that using at least a 50 year old lighter is cool.
I set out to getting it working again.
These old lighters usually just need some maintenance to get going again.
So, I tried to install the new flint and it just wouldn't go.
I thought that an old flint maybe stuck inside the lighter.
That was the case.
I took apart the lighter and cleared the old flint using a small drill bit.
I installed a flint and filled it with fluid.
The Flints and lighter fluid are Ronson, which I happened to have.
I got it adjusted and got it lit!
I should've let well enough alone, but I adjusted it some more.
I fired it up again and set my manly finger on fire.
It happens.
The lighter works great!