Saturday, September 29, 2012

Temporary Dead Cat Microphone Cover- Easy!

Temporary / Portable Dead Cat Microphone Cover
This is really Easy!
I found some my old fake fur that I bought from
a craft store. JoAnn Fabric and crafts?
I already made a dead cat microphone cover for one of my microphones.
I needed one for my other microphone.
This time, I wanted to make the dead cat cover removable.
So using a square of fake fur and a stolen hair scrunchy, I made one.
This is simple and  very easy.
The hardest part is finding the fake fur.
Which is everywhere by the way.
Take the fake fur, wrap around the microphone and use the scrunchy
to secure it.
When you're done take it off.
Better Audio quality for cheap!
I use this anytime I'm outside.
Really increases outdoor audio quality, by greatly reducing the wind noise you hear.
The hair in the fake fur displaces wind buffeting against the microphone
thereby reducing recorded noise.
Better Audio quality for outdoor filming, is good!

Lost your Microphone Cover?
Here's some colored Replacement covers,
 so you can snazz it up!