Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Awesome Mini Ballhead Mount! Cheap and Easy!

Awesome Mini Ball head Tripod Mount! Cheap and Easy!
A dollar store tripod and a hose clamp.
Combine those two things and you have an awesome mounting system.
This is an awesome idea! I seen this on YouTube and it's ingenious.
You'll be able to mount this ball head to most anything tubular.
Handlebars, PVC, Tripod, Pipes all manners of stuff.
Really is a good idea. I'm trying to remember what I seen this on.
When I do, I'll put it in the description you're reading.
If it's there, I found it! If not, I didn't.
The steps are simple.
Tripod- 1. Open the legs and remove the screw.
2. Discard and save the legs.
3. Keep the screw, it's used in the hose clamp.
Hose Clamp- 
1. Open the Hose Clamp using Screwdriver.
2. Find your mounting point, which is where the ball head will be placed.
3. Widen slot on hose clamp. Wide enough for screw to slide in.
Tripod/Ball head
1. Use the hose clamp with the screw and insert into base of the ball head tripod.
2. Tighten the screw and the clamp into the base of the Tripod.
This project has many uses.
Very Nice.