Monday, October 08, 2012

My Garage Radio OR Does Everyone Do This?

My Garage Radio OR Does Everyone Do This?
As I was cleaning my garage, I thought it would be good to listen to music
While I was cleaning, I found an old MP3 player.
An RCA Lyra and It still worked!
I went to get some headphones, and ran across an old set of cheap computer speakers.
So, I plugged the old mp3 player into the old computer speakers.
Instant music. The MP3 player has a built in FM radio.
So it's now my garage radio!
I started wondering if everyone else does this?
Do people keep using old media or electronic devices?
Or, do they set them aside when they are older, slower, maybe just not as cool as they were?
So that's the question, what do you do with your old media stuff?
MP3 players, old phones, older tablets and other stuff.
Does it have a purpose or re purpose or does it fade away.
Just wondering.
Leave a comment, I'm interested.