Wednesday, October 31, 2012

How to Make a Camera / Camcorder / DSLR Grip. Cheap and Easy.

Make your own Camera, camcorder, DSLR Grip.
I originally decided to buy a camera grip.
Then after spending some time in my garage, laboratory, man cave, I realized I could make one.
I used a rubber grip from a tire / wheel brush I bought at the Dollar Tree.
I also used used a piece of 1/2 inch PVC, a 1/4 bolt, 2 nuts and a 1/2 PVC cap.
The grip is going to be used for an extra bit of stability.
Camcorders are so small these days and any movements are
transmitted into the camera as shake and noise.
Both of which are things I try to avoid.
My cost for this project was around $2.00.
I was going to order one for around $5.00 off eBay.
I like the $2.00 grip better.

Larger More Powerful Grip..
or Monopod..