Saturday, October 20, 2012

Updated! 99 cent dresser! Gets new paint! Looks good!

Update 99 cent dresser! New Paint!
I originally bought this dresser for 99 cents from a thrift store.
I took it home and spray painted it green with Rustoleum.
32,000 views on YouTube and two years have past and it's time to update it.
Gloss black for the hardware and a shiny gloss white paint job.
Rustoleum gloss white of course.
I wiped the dresser down with some spray cleaner.
Removed the hardware and spray painted it.
Easy as that.
6 dollars for paint and done.
Looks good for a 99 cent dresser.

Here's a link to my other channel and the .99 cent dresser original video.

For Breast Cancer Awareness.
Rustoleum Candy Pink!