Tuesday, October 23, 2012

How to Attach your Camera Neck Strap!

How to attach your camera neck strap.
The first thing you should do after you make sure your camera
is functioning, is to attach your neck strap.
The neck strap can save you much heartache.
Heartache that occurs after your camera hits the ground at a 100 miles per hour, explodes into pieces,
falls into the sand, bounces into the ocean, river, toilet or mud puddle.
All this happens, on the first day on the vacation trip of a lifetime.
Attaching the neck strap easier than repair or buying a new camera.
Here's how it's done.
I'm using the Canon PowerShot SX 40HS, and the process is similar
to other cameras including some DSLR cameras as well.
Using the neck strap is an easy way to protect your investment.

We currently have the PowerShot SX40HS. (it's fantastic!)

If you're interested-
Here's the NEW Powershot SX 50HS.