Friday, December 07, 2012

Christmas Tree Food! Cheap and Easy!

So we bought a live Christmas Tree!
Usually we don't.
We like the trees, in their natural environment.
But! The artificial tree just wasn't going to cut it this year.
I decided to make some Christmas tree food.
I want the tree to last at least until Christmas.
Tree food is really just 3 main ingredients.
1. Food.
2. Something that Acidifies the water, so the tree can draw the nutrients up into itself..
3. Fungicide or something to prevent bacteria from growing.]
So here's what I used.
1. Table Sugar = Food @ 2 Tablespoons.
2. Vinegar = Acidifier @ 2 Tablespoons
3. Copper Pennies (older date = more copper content) to prevent fungi or bacteria.
This mix makes a gallon and it works well for me.
It's dirt cheap..there's some debate about feeding the Christmas Tree.
As in, does it do any good? Really water is the most important.
I add the food and to me, it seems to make a difference.
Either way, water needs to be added.
Daily! Check and fill..

Here's food for outdoor trees.