Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Shock Mount your Microphone for Dirt Cheap. DIY Goodness!

Shock Mount Microphone Holder for Dirt Cheap. DIY Goodness!
I bought a couple of cheap shot gun microphones.
They work pretty good for what I do. The price is right @ $15.00. (ebay)
Any hand holding noise gets transmitted into the microphone.
I wanted a shock mount to reduce or eliminate over all noise.
The cost on these things vary quite a bit.
I decided to make one.
Mine cost around $2.00, mainly because I had around 80 percent of the materials
already. I think from start to finish, if you had to buy everything, it should be under $14.00. That would include enough material to make 2 shock mounts.
Around 3-7 for one..
I like it so far.
It serves it purpose and it works well.
It was easy to make and it's easy to use.
It doesn't look too bad either.
There's a bunch on YouTube and people
have some pretty good ideas.
Thefrugalfilmmaker is one-
Check it out:

Here's one I thought about buying.
Slightly different design.
Looks good.