Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Part 3 of 4 of the Cheap Film Maker Gift Guide!

Part 03
Part 03 of 04 of the Cheap Film Maker Gift Guide.
So, part 03 of 04 of the Cheap Film Maker Gift Guide
includes a 7 inch field monitor, a 4.3 inch camera monitor and an 160 LED video light.
A 7 inch portable LCD TV is a cheap alternative to an actual field monitor.
I'd rather $50.00 than pay $300.00.
I like this monitor, I can frame a shot, see what I'm filming and I can see focus.
I wouldn't use it for critical focus. It's a great monitor for the price.
Plus it's a TV. Bonus!
The other field monitor is smaller and cheaper.
At 4.3 inches, this monitor is more for being mounted on the camera.
It's easy to manage. The 7 inch is great but it can be unwieldy.
The 4.3 is good on the camera or on a rig.
This monitor is actually sold as a camera rear view monitor.
It's resonable in price. There is a caveat. You have to supply your own power.
It's wired for 12v, but a 9 volt power supply works well. SO add a battery to the cost, and it's still not
The Chromo 160 LED light is a great deal!
There are other 160 LED lights out there like the YN 160.
It's nearly double in price and there is not enough difference between the two
to warrant that much extra cost.
I really like this light, it's dimmable, comes with a nice mini ballhead and
it can use 5 different types of batteries. It's worth the price.

Here's a list of links for the $20.00 -$50.00 Range:

Digital Prism 7 inch LCD TV (Field Monitor)
$50.95 Amazon
Available at Amazon.com
Chromo 160 LED - Chromo
$29.99 (Increased in price) Amazon)
Available at Amazon.com
4.3 Rear View Monitor - SunValleyTek
Available at Amazon.com