Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Optronic Clearance Side Marker Lights Review.

In one of my previous videos I showed an easy way to refurbish
some faded clearance side marker lights.
My plan was to eventually replace them.

In my quest for new lights I found some replacements at a decent price! had a newer style light and the overall cost was much better
than I have found in all the usual places.
I ordered mainly because I was really impressed with the information
they provided about the lights.
All the usual stuff was there, like dimensions and overall general info.
I thought it was awesome was that there was actually video, customer comments,different application information and other good stuff.
The video showed the lights un powered and then powered to give you an idea on how bright they would be. Excellent!

From start to finish, I had an email for each part of the entire order process.
Each email, included a Customer Rep's name and contact information.
So if I had any questions, comments or concerns I could contact them directly.
Impressive! Very Impressive!
My order was also shipped and received quickly!

A day after I received my order, I received an additional email with a link to even more information, helpful tips and other information about the lights I purchased.
That makes 5 emails from start to finish!
Overall I've been very impressed with
Good customer service, good prices, fast shipping and the lights I ordered
are really better than I expected!