Saturday, March 30, 2013

How to Rejuvenate Clearance or Marker Lights on your Motor Home or RV. E...

The plastic light covers on the Motor home is faded and weathered.
The motor home is from 1985.
Some lights on older vehicles may be very hard to replace.
The availability of older parts depends on how common the vehicles were / are.
This motor home has lights and light covers that are available.
There's a lot of them, 14 clearance marker lights alone.
Average price with shipping is about $4.00
I do plan on replacing them with new ones.
I've used this trick in the past to brighten older lenses from some
classic VW's. Works well and adds years to the lenses.
I try to keep things original or reuse what's already there. \
Sometimes that doesn't work..

Clear Gloss is Great! Get a 6 pack..