Saturday, March 25, 2017

Nuclear Bomb, Gut Mushrooms, Butt Fish, Blanket Fight, Cooler Weed, Toil...

Episode 31 
 Welcome to the CheapGeek Podcast!

 Nuclear Bomb, Gut Mushrooms, Butt Fish, Blanket Fight, 
Cooler Weed, Toilet Paper Crooks and Chupacabra, 
plus Jersey Devil Sightings!


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Where to Hide If a Nuclear Bomb Goes Off In Your Area

Doctors remove mushrooms measuring 7cm from woman's stomach after they began growing inside her

Hawaii-bound flight diverted over blanket dispute 

Face recognition flushes out China's toilet paper crooks 

Forgotten weed stash donated to Goodwill  

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 New Mexico or Florida or Some other Weird Place:

 1. Arizona Man Releases ‘Chupacabras’ Pictures pictures  

2.‘Jersey Devil’ Photographed in Pennsylvania 

Bingeworthy BS-

  1. Riverdale on CW
  2. Train To Busan -on Amazon Video 
  3. Legion -on Hulu 
  4. Grand Tour on Amazon Prime 
  5. Iron First- NetFlix  
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