Friday, December 01, 2006

Unlikely place to find self- betterment

Ladies Home Journal-

I subscribed to a magazine value pack- in this pack was supposed to be Rolling stone , Spin, Wired and some Others. It’s a good deal for only 18 dollars and I thought they would be good to have. Here’s the thing- I fat fingered the magazine code and low and behold, aside from mags I don’t want- I also get Ladies Home Journal.

I’m not a Lady, I don’t own my Home and I’m not sure what Journal they’re talking about.

Usually, I give the magazine to one of my co workers and she digs it.

Having received the January edition of ladies home journal, and being out of proper reading material. I headed off to my second office. (Bathroom)

While doing my business, I figured something out. This mag and other mags geared toward women- are about self enhancement. Better eating, diets, beauty techniques, reducing stress, look great without eating all the bad (GOOD) shit, organizational skills.

Stuff to make you better for you and everyone else.

Our magazines are mainly about stuff to make me (you) happy- products, gadgets, techno doodads, chicks, beer, and no organizational skills.
Stuff that makes me happy- not self enhancing or better to others. If you are looking to be better or enhance “self.”
It’s time to grab some lady mags. What the hell, be better organized, look like a million bucks, reduce stress, blah ,blah, have skin as soft as a peach while maintaining youthful glow. Some of those things can’t be bad.
Ok, you’ll have to pick the parts of the mags that pertain to your goals or tips that work for you. There’s a wealth of information in there. The food articles are pretty easy and the food looks great. At least the pictures do. (I may or may not use them.) Don’t be afraid.
Afraid you’ll catch some hell from your friends? Just circle all the hot chicks, boobs and nip slips with a magic marker. Easy on your Buddy reader and he’ll thank you for being thorough. Or he may call you
Nancy and relentlessly taunt you.

No worries though, you know five ways to reduce unwanted stress.