Friday, March 05, 2010

Dear Coca-Cola, I enjoy your retro 8oz. classic bottles. I don't enjoy the 6.5 cm laceration on my cornea..

Dear Coca-Cola,
Today was a retirement celebration for my Supervisor Troy.
As today was a special day, there was a potluck. People brought many dishes and there was cake. Cake is always good. Anyway, we had drinks and the coolest drink was the vintage glass bottle style 8 oz. Coke.
The day was turning out pretty good.. My friend asked me to open her bottle.
Imagine my surprise when I opened the Coke and the bottle made a very loud pop. Champagne bottle loud POP! The bottle cap hit me in the eyeball, not my eyebrow, my eyeball..... I seen a large bluish gray flash, blinding pain and stinging...
The Pop as so loud people around me were looking for the source of the noise.
The strangest thing is, the Coke stayed in the bottle. Not fizzing or over flowing, it spilled not one drop. I'm a child from the 70's. We had those bottles or that style at least. So I know how to operate them.
Being almost 40, I have never had a bottle pop that loud before. The Coke didn't make a mess, that's crazy!
That's very odd. So I rinsed my eye and used the ice packs from our first aid locker.
The stinging and pain didn't go away after 2 hours. So I left work early, I'd only been there for an hour and a half. So I went to the doctors. After a short wait, I was seen by the doctor.
The Doctor was a nice enough fellow. He' put some numbing drops in my eye. Fantastic, those drops are.. My eyeball was killing me. Then he put this fluorescent stuff in my eye, to illuminate the cut across my Cornea.
He showed my girlfriend. She took a picture with her iphone.
Check it out-
Somewhere in there, is a 6.5 cm scratch, in the shape of a "T." It's almost like a big paper cut, on my eyeball.  It's like having an eyelash wrapped in sand, in your eye. Yep sucks, as much as you think it would.

After the Doctor was done swabbing my eye with a q tip, and prescribed me Vicodin and some drops.
I'm also out of work till Tuesday. Which kinda sucks for the vacation time I took.
Here's some more pictures...

This is the culprit.
Delicious, dangerous to eyeballs.

Imagine this Flying at your eyeball. 
POP goes my eyeball. I get to go back on Sunday and get my eye looked at.